What Is The Birds 'n The Butts?

What Is The Birds 'n The Butts?


The Birds ‘n The Butts is an arts-based health education project committed to providing ideas and advice for folks who like their information straight up and queer as hell. We design and create posters, graphics, and pamphlets addressing topics including sexual and reproductive health, drug use and harm reduction, and healthy relationships. 

The Birds ‘n The Butts was founded by Steffani Bangel and Lillie Armstrong while we completed our Master of Public Health degrees at the University of North Carolina. The idea for the project emerged when we realized that there were very few engaging, youth-focused sex ed materials on the market. We wanted to develop materials that weren’t corny or dated, and that would address real-world sexual health needs of young people.

We are committed to reflecting the diversity of young people in these materials, including sexual orientation, sexual proclivities and interests, and gender, ability, racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic identities. We’re always looking for emergent health issues and needs to inform new materials; the subjects we choose are responses to stated needs from our communities.


 Adolescent sexual health efforts in the United States have typically focused on reducing teen pregnancy. Those efforts have paid off: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released data showing a continuing drop in teen pregnancy between 2006 and 2014. This is great! But it’s not enough. More than ever, young people are dealing with complex issues of identity, access to resources and health care, and inadequate sex education. None of these are isolatable topics or questions, so our materials cover a wide range of intersecting and compounding issues: sexually transmitted infections (STIs), harm reduction and health information for people who use drugs, contraception, healthy relationships and communication, identity and expression, and more! We aim to take a sex-critical approach—this means that we think sex can be wonderful and healthy and an important part of life, while acknowledging that everyone has different experiences and feelings around sexual experience and relationships and that we all think about sex a little differently.

Please get in touch at thebirdsnthebutts@gmail.com  if you have any questions about our work, perspectives, materials, or areas of interest!